Harnessing the strongest winds on earth for renewable energy generation

Wind energy scales with the power of three of wind speed. Yet, the strongest winds on earth cannot be fully utilized for renewable energy generation with current wind turbine technology. Terawind enables access to wind power from strong winds, by developing the technology capable to adapt to high wind speeds and rapidly changing wind speed conditions.

Strong winds: a vast untapped resource

The movement of air from higher to lower pressure aeras, deflected by the Earth’s rotation, results into Earth’s large-scale wind patterns that contain winds with various speeds. These winds are additionally influenced by the Earth’s orography to form Katabatic winds and Foehn winds such as the Mistral and the Bora in Europe, or to cause wind speed-up effects on the top of hills or mountains. Due to their high speed and deflection, they contain a lot of flow energy, which is partially transformed into strong wind gusts and high turbulence - a challenge for wind turbine technology.

We pioneer revolutionary wind energy technology

  • Our approach to wind energy is radically different. As wind speed is intermittent, irregular, and volatile, we aim to perfectly align our wind turbine technology with the stochastic nature of wind, while at the same time providing access to strong wind terrain.
  • Smaller but more powerful rotors, which are easily transported and installed in complex terrain.
  • Truss-braced rotor blades for high strength, capable to sustain high wind loads and turbulence.
  • Turbine suitable for IEC wind class beyond IA+ and wind turbulence intensity well above 18%.
  • Optimized aerodynamics for maximum wind energy extraction and reduced noise.
  • Unprecedented bird collision avoidance system to safeguarding biodiversity.

About us. Based in Vienna, next to strong wind terrain.

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